Major Grants Supported by PTFCF (2015-2016)


  1. Community nursery (Endemic and Wild Fruit Bearing Trees) in Brgys. Irawan and Simpokan in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
  2. Saving the Almaciga Tree in Palawan, Philippines.
  3. Traditional Systems of Forest Management of the Palao’an in Aribungos, Brooke’s Point, Pawalan (Year 3): Enhancing Sustainability in the Traditional Systems of Forest Management of the Palao’ans.
  4. Development of Conservation Protocol and Useful Products from Zingiberaceae in Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve (MMFR) and vicinities.
  5. Linao-Cawayan Subwatershed Management Project (LICASWAMP-Phase 3)
  6. Plant Science Scholarship Program: Threesha Gee Maree A. Bahingawan
  7. Revegetation of Degraded Ultramafic Areas in Northern Zambales, Philippines Using Indigenous Metallophytes
  8. Saving Mt. Purgatory Phase 3: Ensuring a Sustained Mt. Purgatory Ecotourism.
  9. Integrated Resource Management through Social Fencing
  10. Facilitating mangrove management in Siruma, Camarines Sur – Year 2.
  11. Community empowerment through Protection and Restoration of the Environment towards Sustainable Livelihood.
  12. Project Green Shield (Setting up of Threats Monitoring and Protection System in the 12,377 ha High Conservation Value Area of HCVA.
  13. Ilin and Ambulong Islands Forest Conservation Project.
  14. Plant Science Scholarship Program: Edmund B. Capuz
  15. 1st Philippine Environment Summit


  1. Pinoy Cinnamon Conservation Project
  2. A Biophysical and Socio-economic Assessment of the Tayasan Subwatershed: Capacitating the LGU in Developing a Water Management and Ecotourism Framework.
  3. Vigan Mangrove Rehabilitation Project
  4. Enrichment and Protection of Native Trees inside the North Negros Natural Park – Phase 2.
  5. Capacitation of Babatngon PO Federation for the Protection, Conservation and Monitoring of the Remaining Upland Forest of Babatngon Leyte.
  6. Mangrove Forest Protection and Management Project in Samar and Leyte.


  1. Molecular Phylogeny and Taxonomic Revision of Philippine Uncaria Schreb. (Naucleae-Rubiacea) including Phytochemicla Screening of Two Endemics
  2. Printing, Launching and Distribution of the Book, “The Mammals of Luzon, Philippines: A Biogeographic Perspective on Evolution, Ecology and Conservation,” by Lawrence R. Heaney, Danilo S. Balete and Eric Rickart.
  3. Advocating the Rainforestation Agenda and Strengthening the RFRI Network
  4. Haribon 3Ts (Tree Trek and Tag)
  5. Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Learning Series Season 3: Tanim ng Buhay (PNB3) for Science Grade or Development Level 3.


  1. Establishment of Native Tree Nursery as Entrepreneurial Opportunities of NAKRISMA in Maputi, San Isidro, Davao Oriental.
  2. Sustaining Forest Conservation and Rehabilitation Initiatives in Mt. Daguma Range, Year 2.
  3. Conservation Biogeography of Native Trees on Dinagat Island, Philippines.
  4. Caring for Banwa: Indigenous Community-based Conservation of Environmentally Critical Areas in Eastern Mindanao, Philippines.
  5. Silway River Watershed Areas Rainforestation and Preservation, Phase 2.
  6. Strengthening the Management of Bud Bongao Local Conservation Area.