2017 CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Forest Landscape Grant Program

The Forest Landscape Grant Program aims to protect the country’s most critical forest landscapes. Through this approach, the Foundation intends to:

  • Establish a participatory and coordinated strategy to natural resource management on a large scale;
  • Increase understanding on the impacts of management decisions on forest ecosystem products and services;
  • Mitigate climate change by reducing emissions from forest degradation and deforestation (REDD-Plus) activities consistent with the Philippine National REDD-Plus Strategy; and
  • Ensure that the full range of local needs are being met while contributing to national commitments and global targets.

Focal Areas:

  • Sierra Madre
  • Palawan
  • Samar and Leyte
  • Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental
Eligible Activities:

Based on the PTFCF Results Framework 2017-2021, the following activities are eligible for fund support:

Outcome 1. Grow forests (Enhance forest ecosystems that provide products and services)

  • Participatory assessments of forests, such as (but not limited to): 
  1. Ecological assessments
  2. Forest conditions assessments
  3. Forest resources inventory
  4. Forest resources assessments and mapping
  5. Forest carbon stocks, climate change vulnerability/capacity, and climate-smart options assessments
  6. Forests social and cultural services assessments
  • Planning, zoning, and demarcation of forests
  • Threat-based, multi-sectoral forest maintenance, protection and law enforcement
  • Science-based and participatory reforestation, restoration and enhancement of forests
Outcome 2. Grow livelihoods (Improve livelihoods)
  • Action research, analysis and development of sustainable livelihood enterprises for communities, in a manner consistent with the sustainable management of forests
  • Catalyzing linkage of markets and community enterprises
  • Characterizing options for sustainable financing mechanisms
Outcome 3. Grow partnerships (Strengthen organizations)
  • Stocktaking and analysis of policies and forest management strategies
  • Supporting capacity development/enhancement of organizations and forest management bodies
  • Organizing and strengthening community-based organizations
  • Supporting forest management frameworks, plans, policies and governance 
Outcome 4. Grow advocates (Enhance knowledge management and public advocacy)
  • Conducting research on forests 
  • Development of learning materials and communication campaigns on forests
  • Supporting network build-up, learning exchanges, and advocacy on forest protection


For 2017 to 2021, Php 480 M is available to support projects in the four focal areas. The categories of the grants are:

Small Grants

• Up to Php 500,000
• Must be implemented in one year
• Must deliver expected outputs immediately

Medium Grants

• Up to Php 6M
• Must be implemented in one to three years
• Must deliver multiple project outputs that can contribute to specific outcome/s in the PTFCF Results Framework 2017-2021

Large Grants

• Up to Php 24 M
• Must be implemented in one to five years
• Must deliver multiple project outputs that can contribute to all outcomes in the PTFCF Results Framework 2017-2021

Small and medium landscape grants may be linked with the large landscape grant to ensure a coordinated strategy for forest management in the focal area.

Eligible Recipients:

Entities involved in development, education, research, communications, livelihood and forestry are encouraged to apply. This includes:

  • Non-governmental, peoples, indigenous peoples, professional, socio-civic and community organizations;
  • Other appropriate local or regional entities active in the Philippines; and
  • Agencies or units under the Philippine government, in exceptional circumstances.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Design – Are the objectives, methods and outcomes coherent?

2. Capacity – Can the proponent successfully implement the project?

3. Impact – To what extent will the project contribute to the protection of the forest?

4. Relevance – Is the project relevant to the target group and the community?

5. Efficiency – Will the project be implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner?

6. Sustainability – Can the project be scaled up, replicated or institutionalized after its implementation?


PTFCF reviews proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year. Periodically, the Foundation issues Request for Proposals (RFPs) for specific projects. Please visit the website for updates.


Interested entities may send their applications, using the prescribed templates for the proposals above, through mail or e-mail.

Mailing address:

The Executive Director
Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation 2F Valderrama Bldg., 107 Esteban St., Legaspi Village 1229 Makati City, Philippines